Question about plans

If I’m going to MK for EMH at 7:00 should I start my fop at 8:00 or is is better to wait until 9:00?

I like to start mine as early as possible so I can get more FPP after I use my 3rd. Some people will wait until 9, it’s really personal preference. Or you may want to space them out depending on your plan to eliminate walking, etc. I scheduled mine for 8,9,10 on my upcoming trip so I can get a few more in MK, then hopefully one in another park with same day drops.

So you have an hour of EMH first.

If you book your first FP for 8am, you could still have 45 minutes in say Frontierland which is less popular for rope droppers and therefore shorter lines before using that first FP at around 8:45am and the second one at 9am. Two rides back to back with FP. That lets you get more later on.

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