Question about planning and staying off site

Possibly planning a trip to coincide with a conference in Orlando for my husband in July. The company will put us up in an off site hotel about a mile away. If we were to make a reservation for one night of our trip (would be five days total) would that enable me to make fast pass arrangements 60 day in advance for our whole trip or just for that one day? Also, could I get the meal plan that way or no?

I’m pretty sure you’d get two days of FPP reservations if you did that. Your arrival and departure days. I know that’s how the dining plan would work.

Some might suggest making a reservation ahead of time so you could make your FPP reservations at 60 days, then canceling that reservation when you get inside the 30 day window. I will neither suggest nor not suggest that, since doing so can sometimes be a controversial topic. I will say that, generally, the extra time for FPP only makes a big difference for a few attractions, such as Anna & Elsa and 7DMT.

There have been reports of a weird glitch with off site/on site stays. If you book one night on site, sometimes the off site days open up one day at a time at 60 days out. If your on site it at the end- you can book the days before your trip at day 60.