Question about payment methods on MDE

Hi, I was hoping some one can help please. I’m staying offsite in August with DH and my children. My parents are coming too but will be staying onsite. My mum and I have set up our own MDE accounts and linked us all on family and friends. Its coming up to our ADR day soon and I’m in charge of booking CRT. I’d like to put my credit card details in advance to help speed up the process. However, if I do this will I get the bill for all my parents spending on their magic bands during their stay or can we set who uses which cards? If so, how? Hope this makes sense, thanks.

When your parents check-in, they can add their own card details to MDE. They would then be charged for anything during their stay.

You won’t be able to charge anything back to their room unless you’re also listed on their reservation.

Now I think when booking CRT you would just pay for it with a card. Not sure how much it speeds up the process to have the card details already in the system. I haven’t ever done this in advance for things like Hoop de Doo, which also has to be paid for in advance.

Ah ok thanks. I read about someone who missed out on a CRT booking as they thought someone else was quicker entering their credit card details so I thought it might win me a few seconds. Maybe I’m fretting unnecessarily. I’m only booking 2 ADRs and it’s only CRt that needs prepayment so in a way, not have my card details on file would be preferable. Thanks for your input.

Just a heads up. Even if the ADR you are booking doesn’t require prepayment, you will still have to have a credit card on file to hold the reservation. You won’t be charged anything at booking, but they do charge you a $10 pp if you do not show up for your reservation.

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