Question about my touring plan

Planning a trip to Disneyland for one day August 5. I have created what I think is a pretty good touring plan but I have a question. I plan to arrive at the front gate at 7:00 am and then immediately go to Indiana Jones as soon as possible. My touring plan says that the wait at rope drop is 35 minutes. Is it really a 35 minute wait at rope drop? If that is the case I may need to re-evaluate and go to Big Thunder Mountain first thing and then hope to get LL through Genie + later in the day.

The software assumes you will be middle of the rope drop crowd at best and your predicted wait is based on that. If you are among the first in the park, your wait will be shorter. I don’t know how short as I’ve never been to DL.

Indy doesn’t usually immediately build to 35 minutes. What is more common is that it is not yet ready to open at rope drop and needs some time to come up/resolve issues so I would check-in at Indy first if it’s open, it’ll be pretty easy to walk-on. If it’s not open, hop on over to Big Thunder & then check back after Big Thunder. You should be able to accomplish both though with waits of <20 min (maybe even less) if you are doing them as your first two stops of the morning.

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