Question about memory maker

Hi, I’m planning our family’s first trip- a large group of 4 families (all my husbands family). We want to purchase the memory maker. From what I gather, only the account that purchases it can edit it. So with a group of 4 families, is it necessary to create the ghost account? Or I just purchase it with my account and change my password once vacation is over and they can all access it? I’m a little unclear on how this process works, do they just show up on my account and then we download them? Thanks for your help for this newbie going in 11 days!

If you are only sharing with family and you are comfortable with them using your account, there is no reason for a dummy account. Just let everyone log in, edit and download from your MDE . Make sure everyone who wants to add photos to the account is linked as a friend and family to the MDE with the MM assigned.

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