Question about memory maker and magic bands

I have heard that some ride photos require magic bands, is this true? I am going to be at WDW in a few weeks, and have purchased the memory maker. Just curious about what specific rides require magic band for the photo.

It’s the rides which have videos attached, that need an RFID chip. 7dmt for sure, not certain on the others though.

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I think FEA and POTC are the other ones.

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tower of terror as well, i believe.

I think you only need a MB for the video on ToT but I may be wrong.

It might be worth it to buy a magic band for one of the individuals in your group.
Assuming your whole party is on the same ride vehicle, that should get you what you need.

i have magic bands and memory maker photo pass

Sorry about that. From your question I had assumed that you didn’t. See what happens when you assume everybody?

no problem. yeah, was mostly wondering what rides do the videos and require the magic bands.

7dmt and ToT are the only ones that have on-ride video. It is possible that you could get it without a magic band as a Disney ticket also has RFID technology, but not likely the on-the-ride RFID reader would be able to “see” it.

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