Question about MDE and sharing Memory Maker

So I have my MDE. I’ve had it for years. I have my upcoming resort reservation linked, as well as a few dining reservations. My trip begins 11/12 and goes through 11/20.

I would like to participate in a shared Memory Maker someone else is hosting. Her trip begins on 11/17.

If my tickets are associated with her MDE, will I no longer be able to do FPP at 60 days out? (It seems impossible otherwise…)

Does anyone even understand what I am asking? :stuck_out_tongue:
Can anyone answer this?

Your tickets should remain associated with your family in your MDE account, so FPP are unaffected. You and the other party link as “Friends and Family” , to enable the MM share. You can check “see only shared plans” so they can’t see all of your resort, ADR, FPP etc.

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My ticket should arrive at the end of this week. So if I put those into my MDE and then ask this other person to be my friend is that all I need?

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Yes, but if there may be photos taken by members of you family without you, you would also want to connect them as Friends and Family to the other party as well, so all photos will show up in their MM.

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and just to be sure you are aware, the photos can only be downloaded from the MDE account with the MM, so the other party will either have to download and send your photos or give you access to their account

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Makes sense. So all off the members.
Yes. I have access to her account. I’ll wait til after the trip and just download all of them. Thank you so much.

Yes the big thing is just to make sure that all members on your MDE are connected to the other person’s account as friends. That way, no matter who scans for photos, they show up to be downloaded. To do this the other person will need to enter the guest’s name and your email address. So for example on my MDE, to connect my husband they would enter my husbands name with my email address when adding the friend. If you have any problems connecting just call Disney and they will fix it. Shockingly :roll_eyes:sometimes it’s glitchy.

One last tip, unless you are truly planning together. I recommend setting the share settings to “only shared plans”. If you do that, that will make sure you can’t get to an accidentally change each other’s ADRs, FPPs, etc.

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