Question about July touring

Hi all. My family tends to go to WDW in July. We haven’t been as a family since the MB started. They were putting up the FPP+ machines the last time we were there but we missed it. I have gone once since with a friend and experienced FPP+.

My question is when we go in July we often share the parks with large teenage groups from another country :wink: We are fine with this. It’s a bonding experience for all around and in the past we believed that the standby lines and the TS meals were not affected by these groups at all. If you got behind the tour leader for a FP you were in trouble but otherwise we liked the shorter overall waits SB and the ability to change TS last minute because they just didn’t seem to go there. So my question is, how does this all work with FPP+? Do they still mostly use FP? Do they get extra because they are in a group? Did anyone notice a larger impact on the SB lines? Do the FPP+ fill up even faster at 60 days (though I know that many staff off site so maybe that’s not an issue as much.)

My family has spent a lot of time talking about this. We choose July on purpose. We’ve been in June, July and August as both DH and I teach but on slightly different schedules. We really enjoy our early July trips and are looking forward to this one. I just can’t wrap my head around how this might change what we’ve come to expect.

I appreciate your thoughts.

All guests get 3 fastpasses per park per day to start out with, regardless of group size. Tour groups (of any kind - bands, international, cheerleaders) generally don’t get them in advance because they have to pick up tickets when they get there, which is why you’ll see a build up at a kiosk. Although since the first 3 Fastpasses can also be done on the app after linking up tickets, some people do that too.

I’d have to check TP history, but I haven’t heard anything about FPP’s filling up any fast than usual.

I think you can enjoy your trips as you normally do.

When I went in July I had no problem with getting my FPs. Also, if I saw a large group entering the FP queue I always would just come back in 20 minutes!

dont think FPP has changed anything here - still a risk that you will get behind a large group (same as before). Best bet is get to your FPPs early in your window and then come back later if a big group is ahead of you.

I’ve been twice in July and only ever encountered a tour group like you describe once on ToT. They were a large, fun group who were not bothering anyone and just having a good time.

I’ve never understood the “horror stories” around these tour groups. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve never run into a problem at all.

That’s funny that you only saw one group. We usually see 3-4 groups per park. Again, they don’t bother us at all. We love our July trips!

Great info. Thanks.

That’s the plan! Thanks.

Great news. Thanks!

Also keep in mind a new hurdle to deal with is that after the first three everyone can now book their 4th, 5th, etc… by their phone. This means there will likely be a lot more people using the extra fp’s whereas before a lot of people probably didn’t bother because they didn’t want to wait in line for kiosk. I have a feeling we’re going to start seeing a lot more sold out FP’s for the day very early on. If getting additional fp’s was in your plan you should probably plan your initial 3 for very early in your touring.

Good point. Should be interesting. I’m not worried because we often tour early and then late with a sizable break in the middle of the day from the heat. I was just curious.