Question about IN-PARK updates/plans


I’m sorry if this is obvious/well-worn territory, but after an exhaustive search I can’t find any reliable current information.

I basically just wanted to clarify about the use of touring plans IN-PARK and if they adjust on-the-fly.

I’m going in early October I am not completely sold on the accuracy of historical data for wait times (DARN YOU GALAXY’S EDGE). My hope is that I can use it to create a general plan, and then have the app update/guide me on-the-fly (for example if ride X is super long it might be moved to a later different position, if X ride is broken down it will be removed from my list, if Z ride has a really short line it might jump to the top position, etc).

Sorry for the (likely) silly question, but your help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


You just click on optimize if you want it to update. I did this whenever we got off plan (or ahead/behind)


Thank you! Do you know if optimization includes/incorporates live wait times in-park, or does it re-optimize based on the predicted data?

It does. In the app, when you are there, you have the option to “select plan”. You will choose the plan you are doing that day. You can mark things “done” so that your plan knows what you have already completed. Hit optimize, even adjusting and telling the plan where you are, and it will reorder the steps in the best way possible. If you want to try to keep the order you already have, hit evaluate and you will just get the updated times.

IMO, this is how the plans are actually meant to be used; and, I have really good success with them when used this way.

The only one that has caused me problems is AK. If you are trying to see shows, just grab a copy of the times guide. For some reason, the AK plans get a bit weird when trying fit all the shows in at actual show times - but it doesn’t seem to get in the way of telling you when to ride rides so it’s not too big of an issue.

As the days go on, TP tracks posted and actual wait times. You can even submit wait times, which I find really fun and is a nice way of paying it forward and sending TP some data :slight_smile:


Just wanted to ensure it is clear - the features you mentioning mostly related to the ‘Lines’ app. This is where you can select the plan for today, mark attractions as done and track the actual times.
I only recently discovered the app and did not know about these features before.

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Oh yes 100% - this is all in the lines app

Common recommendation is to make a copy of your plan first. Then use the copy to optimize or evaluate.


The “application” (used in the context of the Web interface and the smartphone interface) does everything that is mentioned.

The big mistake I made the first time I used the application was that I did all my preliminary work on just the Web interface and walk into the park having never touched the smartphone interface. I recommend you get proficient in both beforehand.


Sorry if I’m misunderstanding - just not sure why “application” is in quotes. I’m just making sure everyone know there is an actual Lines app - downloadable from the App Store. It is not like say Kenny the Pirates “app” where you save a website to your screen and it looks like an app icon but is not actually an app.

I do think it gets confusing because it doesn’t use the “touring plan” name. Although it does come up if your search touring plans in the App Store. The website interface on a phone is crap when trying to edit plans - definitely use the official app.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone in this thread - the information was super helpful and exactly what I was looking for.

This is PRECISELY the tool I need to reduce a bit of planning and a TON of stress at the parks.

Can’t wait to share my plans and get some critiques soon :slight_smile:


How do you tell it where you are? Or does it know from the GPS Location?
I used the Lines app at Universal and I don’t remember having the option to say where I was.

When opening the plan for a WDW park (assuming same for universal but haven’t done there since 2017) looks like this:

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Thank you! I guess my eyes skimmed right over that. I do love the app.

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