Question about historical crowd levels as shown on Touring Plans

I was just looking at some historical crowd level data, and something seems to be off. For example, looking at August of 2019, which is a period when I was at Disney World:

It shows August 29th and the days immediately following as 1’s ac cross the board for all parks. The 29th was the day Galaxy’s Edge opened and I know, based on being there, it was not a 1 at HS.

I had also recorded the crowd levels at the time in a spreadsheet for planning purposes, and the numbers Touring Plans had at the time do not match what’s displayed on the page above. So, the question is…

Where do these numbers come from? If they’re not the numbers that were advertised at the time, and they are not the “actuals” from the days (based on my experience at HS on the 29th), then what are they?

I wonder if it’s some kind of a data glitch?

Let’s ask @len and the gang to take a look at it


Hurricane Dorian was an issue. It became a Cat 5 hurricane. TP had a blog on Aug 29 with initial information about it. That maybe scared people away. I believe the 1’s as actual CL’s.

Crowd levels are based on wait times for rides during key hours, not the number of people there. Even CL1 waits are not zero.

The data on the site look correct to me.

I also have a separate spreadsheet where I track the previous day’s crowd levels. What I have on that spreadsheet matches what’s on the site.

Want to send me your spreadsheet?

Email sent to Len…

Thanks to everyone for your responses.