Question about going during HHN?

Hi everyone! We are booking our next visit to UOR. We would LIKE to go during October, because the weather will be warm enough to enjoy the resort pools. Our family (DS14, DS10, DH and myself) will not be going to HHN (we aren’t really HHN folks). I read that UOR does not decorate Islands of Adventure at all for Halloween and puts all the $$$ into Universal Studios. My question is, how much does it affect your experience to walk around US during the day with all of the HHN decorations out but covered with tarps? Does it jar you, taking you out of the “immersion”? Or is it really not noticeable? THANKS!

I don’t find it distracting at all. It’s not ALL over the place and I think u will not really notice it if u choose to ignore it. But that’s years past so who knows what kinda decorating they will do this yr. When r u going to UOR?

Thanks for replying! I spoke with DH and we have decided we really want a laid back vacation where we can enjoy our resort AND the parks. So we are going to do a week at Cabana Bay Resort, either Oct 26-31 OR Oct 19-24. We are hoping Crowd Levels or 2 or 3 will mean we won’t miss the unlimited FOTL pass from deluxe hotels.

We will be at UOR oct 21 thru the 25th. Staying at RPR. Can’t wait! And yes I hope the crowds r non existent especially around DA.