Question about Getting around Old Key West

We’re taking the extended family down to WDW later in the year and using our points to get rooms, my DW and I would typically book the boardwalk or beach club, but the only way we’re going to accommodate that many people are rooms at OKW. Since we normally stay at a resort where it’s easy to walk to the front desk or restaurants, how do you get around there without a rental? I don’t see them having families truck their luggage and whatnot all over the place, especially if you end up near block without a pool

Any insight?

I’m gonna tag @BGK. I think he has a solid grip on OKW.

Bell services has golf carts to move both you and your luggage. I see large families using them all the time. Just maybe allow yourself an extra 30 minutes at check-in and checkout and you should be good.

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I should point out that that kind of courtesy you can really only expect at check-in and checkout. You can ride the buses internally if you’re not up for a walk. You not more than 1000 feet from a bus stop, wherever your room is.

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