Question about FP

I have a question about fastpasses. Let’s say I have access to a free hotel (not on Disney property). I can get the fastpasses at 30 days. What if I just got a one night reservation on Disney property. That would allow me to book fastpasses at 60 days + 10, correct? I could then move to the offsite hotel and still maintain my fastpasses, correct? That way, if I had a 10 day pass, I could get all of my fastpasses as though I was staying onsite the whole time, right?

You could get Fast Passes at 60 days for as many days as you have ticket media in your MDE account. So you could get your ten days worth of FP as far as I know.

You are allowed to book FP at 60 days plus the length of your stay so no you can’t book plus 10. However the rest of your days will be bookable one at a time as day 60 rolls around. The 60 day FP window is a rolling window.

I might be wrong on this, but I’m pretty sure the “regular” FP window is 30 days, so you could book your one day at 60, but the others at 30 days, one day at a time.

It’s a MDE glitch. Even a one night stay opens a 60 day window. At 60 days to the onsite stay 1-60 plus length of stay opens and then the days after will open as the 6o day window reaches that day. My trip is 8/24-8/29 but my FP window is currently open into September due to the rolling 60.

I just had the same scenario, one night booking at the front of our week long stay on property with the balance off site. We had a rolling window at 60 days for the rest of the week to book FP. I hope this MDE glitch stays around for awhile as I might do more split stays like this.

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