Question about FP booking dates

Hoping someone could give me some advice. We are planning on visiting the parks on 5/3, 5/5 and 5/7 (it was supposed to be a Disney free trip but I keep convincing DH to add more and more Disney into it). We are staying off site. I know when saying off site I can book my fast passes 30 days out from each of those days. Recently our flight to MCO changed significantly and instead of a mid day flight it is a super early morning one. I would have to get my kids out of bed at 2:30 am to make it to the airport so we decided to fly down the evening before. We booked a night at the Beach Club for 5/1 so we can spend the next day at Stormalong Bay. I know if we had tickets for 5/1 or 5/2 we could book fast passes 60 days out because of the hotel reservation. I am trying to figure out what my fast pass date would be for 5/3 (and 5/5 & 5/7). I know it wouldn’t be 60+3 days but would it be 60 days out? Or would all 3 dates need to be booked 30 days out each?

You only get the 60 day booking window for check-in and check-out day.

Your offsite days will be exactly 30 days out from each one.

Thank you Nickysyme. That’s what I thought. I was told recently by someone that in the past they booked a throw away room to get a fast passes advantage. I am obviously not throwing the room away but I started to look into it and was getting confused. It seems like the rules with that changed. I was planning on 30 days but just didn’t want to miss anything if it for some reason was 60.

This means booking a room to cover the days of your Disney trip without plans to actually stay in the room. In the past, some would even wait until 30 days out and cancel the room. This used to work, and they would keep their FPs scheduled at 60 days…but Disney made changes so that people are losing their FPs if they do that. Which means if you really want the 60 day FP, you have to book and KEEP the reservation, whether you stay in the room or not.

Does the campground trick still work? Where you book a campsite so you can book at 60 days out and never actually check-in? You still pay for the site, but if you only have a day or two it might be worth the $60-80, especially since you can get up to 10 people FPs. You are essentially buying FPs.

Yes this will work.