Question about FP before MVMCP

I am looking ahead to potentially book some days in early December in WDW and am trying to figure out how many days, which parks. We would plan to go to MVMCP. If we go to AK earlier in the morning that same day then we will not be able to book FP for the party until we use 3 FP at AK? I guess we would get the perk of “hopping” from AK to MK without the hopper price on our base tickets but not sure I want to pay for that extra day to go to AK 1/2 day and then pay price of party as well. The extra 3 FP would make it worth it but I think I don’t get them.

@AuntB_luvsDisney was my guru on this in 2016. I’ll try to share some of that wisdom.

Book your MVMCP on dummy profiles (or a dummy account if too many profiles bothers you).

This way, you can book your party FPP at 30 days on that ticket media that is not linked to a hotel stay.

By doing it like this, you will be able to get rolling 4th FPP either in AK if you need them or you can make some extras in MK on your regular magic bands. You will also have those 3 others on the MVMCP cards (that’s what I was sent) already in place.

Your MVMCP FPs should ideally go from 3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30, and 5:30- 6:30. If you have something near the front of the park for your first (like Meeting Mickey or Tink), you could start your window a little earlier since it won’t take you that long to walk there.

I know that they start kicking non-party guests out (lovingly) at 6 pm instead of 7 when I went so someone else may need to chime in with better FPP windows if necessary.

I hope this helps. I’m sure someone with more recent 2017 MVMCP data will chime in but this is my 2 cents.

I think you are aware since you titled the post “before MVMCP” but you mention FP+ “for the party.” So just to clarify, no one can have FP+ during the party. They would need to be used between 4pm and 7pm prior to the party, with the ideal times mentioned above.

Thanks for the reply. I do remember reading about the dummy profile when we went to MNSSHP but decided not to try it. I had read at some point that WDW became the wiser.
So I guess I really knew the answer but for some reason I got confused and thought because I had bought a ticket for a different park that I could still do my MK FP. If we do happen to go to AK before, do you know if I only book 2 FP at AK if I can use the third for MVMCP?
I think we will not go to another park before MVMCP so that I can preserve the 3 FP. So can I book a 3:30 FP if they are not letting party pass people into the park until 4? I had also thought that the official party start time was 6. So that is good that there will be an extra hour of FP time. CL level for the day we are considering (Tuesday after Thansgiving week) is a 3 so hopefully the crowds stay manageable during the party.
We are still in the planning stage. I am struggling a bit at this point on how to make it all work. But I will get there! Thanks again!

Yes you are right! That is what I meant! I think the party may be our only time at MK during our stay. So I am wanting to make sure we have some FP before the official party starts because during the party a few lines like Peter Pan and 7D may still be long. At least that is what I’m guessing!