Question about FoP fast pass

So I made a TP using a fastpass for FoP, and the TP acknowledged using the pass, but it still had a wait time of 31 minutes. Is that correct? Even with a fast pass I should expect a 1/2 hour wait for FoP ?

Honestly, yes I feel that is accurate. We have waited between 15 and 50 minutes with a FPP for FOP.

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The pre show is part of that wait time in addition to the queue.


Thanks. We have a kid that’s too small to ride–so if we do a rider switch that whole 31 minute process is doubled, correct?

Yes. You’ll definitely want to plan an alternate activity besides just waiting. Get a snack, watch the Mech-suit show, shop, etc.


Yup. I’ve made my FoP FPs as late as possible in the hopes that the little would be asleep by then, and both times so far it worked out. She’ll be big enough this year.

You will still get on pretty quickly, but the cue is simply long to walk through and the pre-show is pretty extensive as well. Even walking right on, it is still about a 20-30 minute endeavor from entry to walking out of the gift shop when you’re done.

The Pandora drummers are really fun to watch as something for the little one - my 3 year old niece loved them. Pocahontas sometimes has a meet and greet not too far away also. That’s what my niece 3yo did while we rode.

RS takes a really long time for FoP. We generally just kept ours and the people with the RS, would just sneak back over when they have time.
If you don’t mind splitting up, the person not riding first could get their FP for NR.
We did this one day. DH had FPP for FOP, I had FP for Novi. I got RS for FoP while DH rode. I took DS to NR, we still had a small wait for him to get done, then DH took DS for Ice cream while they waited for me. There is a lot to see in Pandora, but I would say it is enough to distract for 1 ride, not two.

I set my FP up exactly like this, I’m glad to hear it worked well for you!

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Yup. It takes about an hour although last trip our first set of riders took closer to 45 minutes to ride and we just skipped the RS because I didn’t want to make my non-riding kid wait that long. :roll_eyes: