Question about FastPass+

Hello all,
I am visiting Magic Kingdom on November 21st for the whole day.

My current FastPass+ are
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from 8:50AM-9:50AM
Peter Pan’s Flight from 3:50PM-4:50PM
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from 11:25PM-12:00AM

I am planning on keeping the first two, but I feel like I could Rope Drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train instead of using the fastpass so late at night. Especially because I won’t be able to get my 4th fast pass until I use up my third one.

I wanted to know what people thought, if it was worth it to let go of my FP reservation for seven dwarfs mine train so I can get additional Fast passes throughout the day for other smaller rides.

Touring Plans says that MK will have a crowd level of 9/10.

Thank you for your help (:slight_smile:

That is extremely late. I say it depends on your party. If you have young kids, they may not last that long. That is a LONG day at the park. So, the first question is how long can your party last?

When we went to MK, we waited 2 hours to ride 7DT. I wish I had a FPP+ for it. I will be there on 11/20 and no FPP+ available for the ride. It is very popular and there will be a HUGE crowd. If you really want to ride it and your party can last, it may work out for you.

Last note, you can go to the FPP+ in my Disney experience and hit modify to see all of your other FPP+ choices prior to giving 7DT up. This may help your decision.

Good Luck.

I would rope drop Big Thunder Mountain instead

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Definitely. Those Fast Passes are not too great at all - the park will be very crowded that day. I don’t know how many extra ones will be available during the day but I’d aim to use them between noon and 3 pm. I’d consider rope dropping Peter Pan or Big Thunder. (7 Dwarves is NOT worth waiting any significant length of time for at any rate IMO - I’d rather ride Big Thunder 4 times in a row at rope drop than wait an hour for 7 Dwarves).

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Keep checking for better times. They open up more frequently than people think. :slight_smile:


I am not sure how early you plan at getting to the park but I would consider arriving to the turnstiles by 7:15. You could RD both SDMT and PP and then free up two FPs. for when the park gets more crowded. I know this may not work for your family but just a suggestion. I have RD both and been done 30-40 minutes after park opening. You’ll make up all that time plus some as the day goes on.

Just keep modifying, check all the time and move them up if you find a better time!