Question about expired ticket exchanges

I bought tickets for the end of this month, however, we are rescheduling because of the current virus outbreak. I would like to go in the fall now, but I am confused about this fine print I found on the ticketing screen:

“After the expiration date, the price paid for a wholly unused ticket can be applied to the purchase of a new ticket with an equal or higher price.”

does that mean that if I choose to go during an off-season time like late august/September, I will not be able to exchange my expired tickets for the new tickets because it costs less than the expired tickets I got? Say my tickets are worth $375 right now but the September tickets are $336, I will not be able to exchange my old tickets for the new one? The wording is confusing, and I would be disappointed if they don’t allow me to exchange it to any date I want. I don’t mind losing the value I paid for it :confused:

My understanding is you can exchange for a less expensive ticket but they will not refund you the difference if the new ticket is less expensive.

Thanks! That’s what I was hoping, but the wording made it seem confusing as if I can only use it towards an equally priced or higher priced ticket only.

Actually I have a question on this topic also as I could end up in the same boat…I bought 4-park magic tickets from UCT and linked to my account. Is there a way to exchange/upgrade the tickets online or via phone or does it have to be done at guest services onsite? Obviously would be better to do ahead of time to book fast passes.

After the ticket is linked and before the first day you can change dates, add hopper, add days through MDE. After the first park visit you can also upgrade to AP using MDE. As far as I understand, if you don’t use the ticket at all but the date has already passed you’ll only be able to change it in person at Disney (not over the phone). We have a spring break trip that might get canceled and my plan is to change the date before that if we do cancel; we did make a tentative reservation for August.

Can you point me the direction of how I can change dates on MDE? I’d like to change it to September now if I can.

I have the 4-day magic park ticket and I don’t see an option to change it at all. If I have to go in person to get my tickets… man that would suck so bad with fastpasses.

Hmmm, I don’t know if the rules are different for the 4-day magic ticket, since it’s a promotional ticket (I have a regular 7-day hopper). In MDE, I go to Ticket and Passes (click on parallel lines on bottom right, then it’s the first option on the top left). There is a screen for each linked ticket. At the bottom half of the screen, there’s one button to change ticket and another to reassign. If I click on change ticket, it makes me login then gives me the different options (dates, number of days, type)…

Looks like it’s different for 4-day magic. I have no option at all, I contacted chat support and he said I will have to call in to modify my dates. I just can’t let the dates expire because like you said, it’ll have to be done in person if I want new tickets in the future. But I can modify the dates as many times as I want, so that’s good!

That’s a bummer, but at least you are allowed to change. To me the biggest thing is not to let the tickets expire!