Question about Early Morning Magic at MK

I noticed there are dates selectable in September after GE opens at HS for Early Morning Magic at MK but when searching these dates there are no times available, any thoughts on if these are already full or just not available yet? In looking at some other dates before GE, times are selectable but nothing after GE opens.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you, but I can tell you my experience with EMM.

I was waiting for our date to open for months. Then the date on the calendar FINALLY turned blue and was clickable. But when I searched for times, there were none. Then about 24-48 hours later, when you clicked on the date, there were times! So it was like they released the dates…then release availability a day or 2 later. I would suggest going back to the calendar a few times a day and checking to see if they release availability.

I will add to the response above and agree that they do take time to open. However, the date we were looking at was April 28 of this year for HS EMM. The date turned blue and clickable along with all the other April dates earlier this year and it was the last date listed at the time (May wasn’t open yet). I couldn’t reserve it and thought April 28 had sold out already. I found out 30 days later, when the May dates were opened/turned blue & clickable, that April 28 had been “locked down” the whole time and it opened up with the May dates. Just wanted to point this out, that if it’s the last “clickable” date listed in the month, it may take over 30 days for them to “open it”.

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