Question about dummy reservation

I have read where people book a room only reservation overlapping their original reservation to book ADR early. Does this same concept work for fpp booking?

Are you staying off site?

Yes, the Trick That Must Not Be Named works for FPP too.

We are stayin onsite. The only reason I am even considering this is we are going to be out of town when my fpp day is and I am not sure I will have Internet connection

So you will book your 2nd reservation to include all the days you want to book ADRs for during your stay? Remember, a split stay books at 180 days for each stay so if you are going away three days before your 7 day stay your second booking will need to be the whole 10 days: 3 plus 7.

Yes that’s what I did. Only this is for fpp and not ADR. I’m not a huge fan of doing this but if I don’t then I won’t be booking my fpp until two days after my 60 days.

For FPs split stays open for the whole window so if you needed 3 days you could book for those only.

That makes sense. I already booked for the whole time. Cost was the same. And I will be able to cancel Monday because my original fpp day was Sunday. I was really stressed about how I was going to do this.