Question about Disney account and Fast Pass

I created a Disney account a few months ago in order to make some restaurant reservations for my husband and self and son’s family. My son bought the tickets recently (because of a work discount) and my daughter-in-law created an account. She linked my account to a ticket.

I see that I can, when the 30 day window arrives, get fast passes for myself and DIL. I gather that we now need to create an account for my husband and son in order to get Fast Passes for them.

My question is about my 2 grandchildren. They are under the age of 14 (and over 3). I read the following on the Disney site:

In the Family & Friends section of My Disney Experience, you can create a profile for a child under age 13 simply by entering the name and age. The person who creates a child’s profile will manage the profile and all the plans for that child. The child’s profile cannot be transferred to another person to manage.

I guess my DIL needs to create their profiles. Does that mean that in order to get Fast Passes for them - that I will need go in through her account. I have more time to get FP and monitor when they become available for high demand attractions.

Will there be any difficulty with the restaurant reservations that I have already made?

Thanks for any help.

I think whichever account your grandchildren’s tickets are linked to, that’s the account their profiles should be created on there on.
When it comes to making FP Selections I’m not sure if you will be able to see them on your account. Usually if everyone is linked on each other’s family and friends list then you can make reservation for everyone. not 100% on that though.
For restaurant reservations, as long as the number of people attending is correct then I shouldn’t see any problems.

Yes, if you are linked as family and friends you can manage the FPs. I did this for friends on our last trip. They were linked as family & friends and I booked all the FP and ADRs

Kyla307 and Marycap - thank you for your responses. I think I have it figured out now. I guess I just needed a little hand holding.