Question about Dining Plan


I have two rooms booked at AKL .. 2 people in one room and 2 in another. I will be getting the Dining Plan for one room and the Deluxe Dining Plan for the other room. One person from the deluxe plan room will only be staying 5 of the 10 days, which will give 15 extra points for the days he will not be there.
My question is.....Can the single person from the Deluxe Plan use 3 of his credits for a TS for the remaining 3 people, or will they say he is only allowed to use two since there is only two names on the reservation from his magic band. If so... is there a loophole to make this happen?


Technically .... no, however, it's really up to the CM. We have seen lots of reports of liners doing this or even using them for total strangers when they had extra credits.


Well, let's think about this. If the person on deluxe pays for 2 meals each time, then the room with the standard wouldn't run out of meals as fast. So I think you guys could figure out a plan to use them.


My brain hurts. This sounds way to much like the story problems that were my downfall during 6th grade math class...


Which is why I didn't do the math, I just suggested it could be done


I was on the phone with Disney today posing this question and they said "Technically" you should not use your points like this....BUT they will not push it at the Restaurants. I'll let you know when we get back.


We did something similar. Had 4 rooms, 4 sep reservations, 1 of the rooms staying longer than rest (me, DH, and DDs). Other rooms were going to have left over meals due to when plane landed/left. So people in other rooms bought my meal or my kids meal on different days during trip. (Other rooms were my parents in one, my brother and SIL in one, and my grandparents in one).

At TS, it would probably be easier to have Deluxe people BOTH buy meals when they are there. For example, let's say Jim and Joe have the Deluxe plan and Tina and Tori have the regular plan. When they go eat at BOG, Jim pays for his meal and Tina's, and Joe pays for his and Tori's. My family did do this at LTT and there was no problem at all, but it was pre Magic Bands when we still used KTTW cards in Oct 2012. Someone else may have more recent experience.