Question about dining plan credits

Greetings! My DD (11) and I will be going to WDW for the first time this June. I have the dining plan and have made several ADR’s. Since we have a few 2 credit meals planned, would it be possible for me to use my two credits but pay cash for my daughter’s meal? Or even on a one credit meal - I use the credit and pay for her meal. After looking at the menu’s, I can tell she is more likely to order something less expensive, which I would rather pay for than lose a dining credit for. I hope all of that made sense. :grinning: I am just trying to find the most cost efficient way to cover the extra’s. Thank you so much for your help!

Yes you can. Your credits are pooled and you can use them how you like from when you check in to midnight on your check out day. Just let your server know.

One thing that I would add is that the exceptions are anything that is a fixed price (CRT, HDDR, SOA, etc.). It sounds like you are talking of other options, but I just wanted to make sure that was clear.

Thank you!

Thank you. I completely understand I can’t do this on those, but any of the others I definitely want to try and save.

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Sounds like a smart plan!

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I’m more cautious about this being do-able.
Definitely be clear with the server right away. The first thing they ask is “are you on the dining plan?”. I think if your answer is yes, you can’t then say, “but I’ll pay cash for one person”. I recall that one stipulation of the DDP is that everyone in your party, dining with you, must be on the plan if you are using it for that meal.
You should call Disney Dining to clarify this matter.

If they do let you split payment forms, you will have found a huge loophole in the system. They make the most profit off kid’s meals being used up with credits.

Her “child” is a Disney adult, so all credits will be adult credits. All people on the package must have the dining plan, but not all people dining. I have eaten with friends on the dining plan when I am not. The trick is to ask for separate checks. And just for simplicity’s sake, I wouldn’t plan on charging the oop costs to your room. But this really shouldn’t be an issue.


We did this just last week. We ate at San Angel. We used two adult table service credits and paid out of pocket for my kids’ meals. We just told our server that is how we wanted to pay and no questions were asked.
When the bill came, he mentioned that the system was acting strange so he had to give us two checks (one for the adult meals and another for the kids meals). I’m not sure if that would always happen or if the two checks are an anomaly but, regardless, the result was the same.

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That’s really great. Admittedly, we have not used DDP for several years now. It sounds like they are being more flexible, which they really should be. :+1: