Question about dining credits?

I have 2 rooms booked for the FD. I was crunching the numbers. Room 1 3A and 1C. Room 2 4 teens. From what I have figured, if both rooms have the DDP we have 49 TS credits and 49 QS credits if we upgrade. I was thinking if only room 1 upgraded to the deluxe dining and room 2 stayed with the free qs, we would have 84 TS and 56 QS. We can share our credits between rooms. Is that correct? 7 night stay.

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Yes and if you do the deluxe plan on the room with the child they will all count as adult credits.


This sounds like a question posed on Backsidenof Magic recently!


Great. It is only a $288.00 difference but we get 35 more TS and 7 more QS! Thank you so much!!

lol- did I tell you I was crazy? I may have emailed them from my car in the parking lot at work because they missed that deluxe credits are pooled like QS. OK- I will also admit to finally emailing BOG this week too because I am sick of their bad info on FPs and how they work too . Yup- I have completely lost my mind .


I am curious how you got 288.00 to upgrade. For me to upgrade 2 adults and 2 kids is 700

288.00 is the difference upgrading 1 room 4 people deluxe vs. Upgrading 2 rooms 8 people to regular dining plan.