Question about cultural representatives

Does anyone have any information on when the cultural representatives will be back.

Especially in Animal Kingdom Lodge from Africa? My husband wants to know. He enjoys conversing with those from Africa there, and we are trying to plan a trip. Thanks

At the moment the Cultural Representatives from Africa, Asia, Europe aren’t even allowed into the US. That changes next month at least for Europe and the U.K. Not sure about Africa though.

However they will also need the Visa that allows them to participate in an exchange programme. At the moment those are only being issued for students wanting to study in the US.

So Disney’s hands are tied on this. I’m sure when they can, they will restart it, after all it’s cheap labour.

Although I don’t know if there’s an issue there with the unions. Hours of part time staff are being slashed now as part of the annual cost cutting. No jobs being lost per se, but expect reduced numbers of CMs in certain roles. So I don’t know if contractually they can bring in foreign CMs whilst cutting hours for existing CMs.

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Thank you.