Question about crowd levels

Many of the WDW boards are reporting much higher than normal crowd levels in September. I understand that stats are stats- and you can only make predictions based on historical crowd patterns- but given this rather dramatic change in crowd patterns, I am thinking that the same thing will probably happen in early December- which is when a lot of Asian families (among other international groups) seem to visit. Disney must have ratcheted up the level of aggressiveness with which they target the international market, and it is affecting crowd patterns and wait times in September, so it makes sense that it will occur in early December as well. Is there not a way to factor this into the crowd levels? Or do we just keep assuming status quo until the likely change occurs?

I have said it before: last December (2nd weekend) was crazy crowed- regardless of what crowd trackers say. At 10:00am small world had over a 45 posted minute wait on a Monday! Over the weekend a group of veteran liners tried to meet up in WS. It was almost impossible to walk through the crowd. I was there on a Saturday during Food and Wime- December crowd was twice that size. Plan for crowds- be surprised if they do not show up- plan, enjoy!