Question about crowd calendar for may 2018

just got an email stating crowd levels will be much higher in May than was previously predicted. im exactly 30 days out and crowd levels went from an average of 3-4/10 to 5-7/10 suddenly. what caused this to change??? There are no new events, no new ride openings or things of that nature, so what changed? (May 6-11)

I believe there is a recent TP blog post explaining this. Disney is messing with ride capacity and staffing. There also more people, with the current good economy, that have the income for vacations such as Disney World. TP has been adjusting CL and what the levels mean to reflect this.

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And We are going to be there from 5/5-5/12. Iā€™m not really worried about it. We have our ADRs, FPs and plans. Whatever happens happens.


yeah, not too worried as we have planned accordingly. but when a park goes from a 3/10 to a 7/10 without any events, or things happening, i wonder why.

Mine keep going up for November as well.

The new, more current data. The crowd calendars are based on historical data, and as you probably know from following along here, crowds and wait times for the past few months have been much higher than predicted, so this is likely being fed into the model.

Mine went up for May too. I wonder whether there will be any associated hour changes?

There were park hour changes for May. The CL predictions will usually be adjusted around a week after WDW posts increased park hours. When the park increases hours, this generally means they are expecting larger crowds. Park hours change all the time, so CL predictions frequently change as well. Even knowing this, it sucks to see your planned CL 1 day change to a 5 or 6. Just keep optimizing!