Question about clearing customs at MCO and luggage

We’re flying from Canada and will be going non-stop from an airport that does not have a pre-clearance for US customs/immigration so we will be going through customs at MCO. I’m just wondering about our luggage. I know we have to pick it up to clear customs, but do we then take it on the monorail train with us when we go to the main terminal? I thought I read somewhere that it had to go on a another conveyor belt to be transported to the main terminal?

You have a choice. You can put it back on a conveyor belt, or take it with you. We just took ours with us.

Ok, great! We’ll do the same. I was hoping that was an option! Thanks!

Just to make you aware, if you want to take your luggage with you on the tram to the main terminal you need to take it with you up an escalator - you can’t keep the luggage trolley. If you’re unable to take it up the escalator yourself (e.g. if you have too much stuff) you’ll have to leave it on the conveyor and pick it up in the main terminal.


We discovered this when we had a wheelchair - no luggage allowed in the lift.

Good to know. Thank you! I think we should be ok because we just have the two suitcases so my husband and I can each take one. Otherwise we’ll just have our backpack. I’m so pumped I have no car seat to lug this trip!