Question about availability of Boo Bash

I have a work training trip officially scheduled for the last week of August. I do not have my hotel reservation info yet, the group leader is taking care of it and will get all my info closer to the trip. It’s killing me today, not being able to purchase a ticket for Boo Bash even though I will be staying at CSR. I wouldn’t usually spend this much for a ticket but it would work out absolutely perfectly to be able to spend the night at MK after my day of meetings.
I am hearing some dates for BB are sold out. What are the chances that a quantity of tickets were not released yet but being held so people next week would have a chance. I know I might be stressing for no reason, I mean I would be looking at August 31st for the date and not in October when I am hearing rumors of sell outs, but this will be the 4th time this trip is being rescheduled, first time was literally days after they closed due to Covid. My heart is so looking forward to this solo trip that I would in no way be doing if it wasn’t for this training conference.

If you really wanted to book early you could always book a room for the night, buy the ticket, then cancel the room for a full refund. You’d just be out the money for a few days.