Question about AP lodging discounts

I have a reservation at RP in early 2021 (non-holiday time) and am thinking about getting an AP. Are lodging discounts offered regularly or only certain times of the year? I realize availability for a discount now is likely too early but will be disappointed if I get the pass and then no discount is offered. I could get the buy 2, get 2 days ticket, so I have options. Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Discounts usually come out about 2-4 months in advance. In my experience they are offered regularly.


Thanks for this info. So it is probably worthwhile to just get the AP, as it is likely a discount will be offered?

I don’t believe you can get an AP right now. But from what I can see, AP discounts are offered quite regularly.

Check this page out for indication of when they have offered room discounts in the past:

ETA: Nevermind. I thought we were talking Disney! :slight_smile:

They have not resumed AP sales yet, I just checked this morning, but when they do you can upgrade you tickets later.

Thanks to all. I appreciate your input! Have a great day.

They’re talking Universal APs I think. Are they not selling those either?

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Ok, hold on, I am a bit confused. I am talking about Universal Orlando AP, not Disney.

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Well. Of course you are. And I’m too dense to pay attention to the fact that this was posted in the UOR section.

My bad. Sorry! :slight_smile:

@ryan1 No worries–I appreciate your efforts to help! Mousesavers is a great resource!

If you do get the AP, make sure you select the promotional off with an extra 3 months added to the pass.


@OrlandoGirl357 Will definitely make sure I do that—appreciate the tip.

Someone I know recently bought the pass without the extra months. At the time, I didn’t realize they had separated the promo pass from a regular pass.

If you are getting a three park pass, the promo passes are currently discounted >$30 depending on the pass level.

oh… yes, they are selling Universal APs I just bought 3 two weeks ago :wink: Sorry…

I bought the FL res deal… I think it’s just for FL? Anyway buy 12 months get 15 months and activate anytime. Have to buy by Sept 30th.

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Anyone can get this deal. I bought two annual passes a month ago (one for me, one for SIL) with the deal.


The Universal AP discounts can be pretty dramatic on hotels. I highly recommend especially on the more expensive hotels. Depending on vacation length, AP’s can be cheaper than regular park tickets. We are going 5 days for 2 parks (not volcano bay) and the AP was cheaper than buying regular tickets.


By my math, the discount can be as high as 40% for regular room rates. Also, universal has the stay more save more discounts that can be 25% for 5 nights.

You do have to keep in mind the blockout dates. For seasonal passes (which can be cheaper than tickets), the blockout dates include the concert dates, which usually happen on weekends in December and February. No idea what’s happening with this year. The concert dates are in addition to the holiday, spring break, and summer blockout dates.


Yup, the blockout dates are quite minimal. No problem with our dates. But of course it’s something to look at before buying an AP.

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We been there this year with a seasonal pass during the concert times. It wasn’t a problem. The concert is only once a week at one park. Even on concert days, the other park was allowed.

If you are going during the Mardi Gras, look into getting on the parade. I missed that since I checked too late.

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