Question about All-Star resorts

Actually, two questions.

First, do we know for a fact that ASMu is now fully refurbished just like ASMo?

Second, why does ASMo cost more?

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Sports is the last one to open and they will all be completely renovated according to all reports. Does Sports cost the most?

Sports and Music are both £975 but Movies is £1,125.


Movies only has preferred rooms available.


We did AsMo for our one and only trip April 2016 and I want to say that even the standard AsMo rooms were slightly higher than the other All-Stars. I thought it was because the theming was actually Disney and not just some other random theme. But I could also be mis-remembering. I know for sure we didn’t pay the extra for preferred rooms.

Today is the first day Sports is open for booking . It opens March 31st. Those will be the newest rooms.


I was just ranting about this today. Checked for AS sports in may, only preferred available, $169 a night!!! This is a sunday-wed stay not on a holiday weekend. My jaw dropped!!!

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Fresh resort review.