Quality of View for Star Wars Dessert Party

We have dessert party tickets to this show in February. I’ve read that the seating is on the ground, but also a bit close to the action. Does it afford a good view of everything? Is it worth it? I have two young padawans who would probably enjoy it, but they also would never know about it if we don’t go.

I did the Star Wars dessert party back in August of 2016 with my then 8 and 13 year old. I’m sure someone will have more recent information but we loved it. Using the tips here we got to the dessert party when it opened, snagged a cocktail table and had a great time. When it was time to line up to go out to the fireworks we stayed close to the front of the line. When we got to the viewing area they allowed the kids to go to the front to get a better view. There was a taped off walk way in front of our area so there was some room between our viewing area and other guests. I don’t know if the viewing area for the dessert party has changed at all. It was really crowded then, but we were able to see everything and really enjoyed the experience. We found it well worth it! Hope someone has some more recent feedback for you.


We’ve done the SW dessert party several times because my DS is SW fan. We really have enjoyed it and viewing area is great. It hasn’t been crowded for us and sitting even though it is on concrete is nice. But even without the dessert party finding a good spot for the SW fireworks I don’t think is that hard.

We did the Star Wars VIP tour earlier in the day last year and get the same viewing area as the dessert party. The area is close to the show. The area is pretty big (the roundish plaza/stage). We could see the projections really well but we did miss some of the laser fire and peripheral fireworks. We were at the front of the area. We are very glad we got to be in the viewing area and didn’t need to worry about crowds. I recommend doing it at least once and don’t regret it all. But when we go back again in a couple of weeks we won’t do the dessert/vip and will purposely get a spot much further back to see the “big” picture better this time. I honestly recommend this for Happily Ever After too if you can see it twice. Except the dessert areas are the reverse. They are further back so one night we got up super close to the castle to see the projections.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to keep our tickets for this.

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