QSR Breakfast Deal

Forgive me if this question has been asked before, but I havent been to WDW for 10 years.
We are from the UK staying at a value resort for part of our stay, and the offer we booked with offers free ‘Breakfasts’.
I am assuming this is part of QSR. I have 2 questions the first is,will these credits just be added to magic bands like the Dining plan and therefore be used for ‘a QSR meal’, or would they be vouchers only to be used at breakfast only?
My second question is if they are QSR credits can they be 'doubled up for aa All you care to enjoy Breakfast at Chef Mickeys or Boma?

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately no idea on just what the offer you got conveys. Hopefully someone knows, but it’s possible it’s a UK only thing.

I can answer your second question though - No - QSR’s can’t be combined to obtain a TS option unfortunately.

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I believe they are just QS dining credits, so could be used for any QS meal.

Definitely can’t ever trade up on the dining plan, and these are no exception.