QS Restaraunts hours during EEMH

Does anyone know if QS restaurants or snack places (like Woodys Lunchbox or Gastons Tavern) will be open earlier than their normal operating-hours - during the Extra Extra magic hours in Sept-Oct, or during any extra magic hours for that matter ?


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good question - wondering as well… bumping for you

Ooh this is a good question!! If anyone knows, please share!

I am very doubtful that anything will open early. Which is crummy. I just don’t see it happening

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I have been wondering if resort food courts will open earlier as well. I will need coffee to be in any shape for those EEMH.


I would expect Starbucks on Main Street to be opened, and the Trolley Café at HS for EEMH.

I would not expect any park QS will be open for EEMH. I would not expect hotel café to open early either.

The Disney website has the operating hours of the QS. I was looking for a pastry on AK EMH and found one.

I have a similar question. I searched on the WDW website for MK on a recent EMH date and they posted EMH hours for Cheshire Cafe, Main St Bakery and Gastons. Hoping for a cinnamon roll break at Gastons after getting to the park so early.