QS Recommendations - Check In Day at Poly

We should get to Poly late morning-ish and will be staying there for 5 days. We have Spirit of Aloha scheduled for 5:15pm that night. I’m trying to decide what to plan for lunch. We’ll be hungry because we won’t have had anything other than snack foods for breakfast, but don’t want to overdo it before the luau. It will be a non-park day. I was thinking of maybe using the monorail and going over to Contemporary or to the Grand Floridian and doing QS there since it will give options different than our evening meal. Or should we just try Captain Cook’s? Recommendations? TIA

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Captain Cook’s has some great options! I would just split a couple of entrees.

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Unless you just want to get out and explore a bit, Capt. Cook’s is the obvious choice. Taking a bus to DS would be another option; there are tons of QS and kiosks there.

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Or take the monorail and/or boats(s) to WL and try Geyser point.

If doing that, I would take the monorail to Contemporary and take the resort launch to WL. But you could go to MK and take the boat from there.


Generally Captain Cook’s is the best regarded of the monorail QS options so eating there makes the most sense. If you feel the need to roam a monorail tour for dessert could be a fun excuse to check out the GF and/or Contemporary as well. The cupcake options at GF were glorious, although Captain Cook’s were pretty good as well…

We are in the same situation.

Flying at 7 a.m., we will arrive at MCO by 10, and to Poly by noon. We have 'Ohana at 5:30 that night. So same/same really.

I think we are probably going to enjoy lunch at Capt Cooks for convenience. I’m not expecting our room to be ready and I expect our afternoon will be spent exploring Poly and enjoying the pool. We’ll have carry on with us until we are ready to change for the pool, so Capt Cooks will be easiest; after lunch and changing we will put our carry on with Bell Services until our room is ready.

When do you travel? We are at 18 days! (arriving 4/21)

If the weather is not conducive to hanging at the pool, we plan to lunch at Capt Cooks and then ride the monorail around :slight_smile: My daughter needs more Basin products so at some point we will stroll on over to the GF for sure!

Another QS option at Poly is at the Oasis Pool. It is only accessible by entering the pool area with your MB. Or at least I could not find another access point?

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