QS plan and healthyish choices

Hi! We have a 11 night stay with QS dining plan. We have a 6 days park hopper plus tickets, do we will sometimes eat outside of parks. What are your suggestions for healthyish restaurant in and out of parks? Burgers and rotisserie chicken are great but a little veggie in our plates would be good. Thanks!

I can only speak for DAK for healthy options…and there are only two words.

Satu’li. Canteen.



I seem to recall veggies as a side at Columbia Harbor House and a side salad at Flametree BBQ.

The quick service Japanese QS in Epcot was good. Mine had a good bit of stir fry veggies with the meal.

Oh and POR has a make your own salad in their QS area. Don’t know what resort you are staying at.

I will second the Satu’li Canteen, add Tangierine Cafe in Ep, the salmon in CHH at MK, and I like WPE in DS for some different choices.

I so agree. Ate there once and it was yummy. Looking forward to a repeat.

Sunshine seasons in Epcot is also good
Columbia hatbor house has sides of brocolli that are good
As for reaorts. The only one i can say I have been to and is good is the Mara at animal kingdom lodge jambo house
You may want to check out peppermarks at coronado springs

Disney sorings has more to offer as well.

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What resort are you staying at? I know Landscape of Flavors at AOA has some healthier options

At POP. Heard the food court there and at AOA are good.