Qs @ hs

Planning to visit HS on 4/24 and have a Fantasmic package at HW&V at 11:15 am. For dinner we will need to grab something at a QS location. I’ve seen at lot of reviews here that say none of the QS options at HS are good, but I was wondering if you had to pick, which would you choose? Planning to grab something right before the Fantasmic show (730-800)

We ate at Backlot Express last time we were there at a meal time and it wasn’t bad. We really enjoyed Rosie’s All American near BATB/ToT but that was several years back.

I would not eat at the commissary, but we ate at Rosie’s (just burgers and fries) and thought it was good.

When I was stuck eating QS in DHS I would go to Pizza Planet; not “great”, but not horrible - kind of on a par with Pizza Hut. It’s now Pizzarizzo, but my understanding is that the pizza is pretty much the same. I used to love Writers Stop and Starring Rolls for sweet treats, but they are now both closed.

Another possibility might be the HBD lounge. Technically it’s a TS, but it’s walk-up only.

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Backlot is good, Rosie’s is fine, ABC Commissary was a lot better than I expected.

But I’m not sure you can use dining plan at the HBD lounge

Loved the new stuff at ABC Commissary and Renata, a manager, was very attentive with our allergy needs.

Did not care for Backlot.

We go to Backlot. There’s a decent choice of standard QS fare, they have the collectible cups etc, even with beer if you want, and thee are free soda refills.

It’s also quite fun looking at the memorabilia around as well, and you can wander down and see the backstage area of Indy. We saw them re-setting stuff in between shows, which was kinda cool!

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I am a fan of Pizzarizzo. Like @bswan26 said close to pizza hut. Personal pan pizzas.