QS Credit for BOG?

I was able to get BOG dinner reservations today and I have a question. Can I just use a QS credit for dessert and still meet the beast, or do I have to eat dinner at the castle? Anyone have experience with this?

Ok, If you got a ADR for dinner at BOG you are quite lucky. It’s a hard one to get. I am unsure about getting there and just ordering a QS desert. I have been to dinner there twice and if possible it is worth your while to eat dinner there. The beast only shows up at dinner and I believe there is kind of a meet and greet with him. The times we were there he showed up briefly in our dinning room and was gone shortly after. My wife got a picture but she had to be quick.

Dinner is a table service meal. You can order just a cupcake and pay out of pocket but cannot use a QS credit for a TS meal. The Beast meets at the end of the meal as you exit. The food is quite good. If you have a TS credit you should use it for the dinner meal.

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The meet and greet is in the library, he walks through the rooms to get there which is probably when your wife saw him - he won’t stop for pics as he has the meet and greet. It’s near the entrance.