QS Credit - Can I get a Dessert instead of a side?

HI Just read on a separet page the the QS is
“For the purposes of the Disney Dining Plan, a “counter service meal” consists of a combo meal (entree plus side) and beverage, including alcoholic beverages for adults (where available). It no longer includes a dessert”

My question is (as per the title) could I get a dessert instead of a side? The prices are the same, but is it allowed? The specifc example that sparked this question was looking at the Yak and Yeti dinner menu. Would like just one of the bowls and a Mini Mango pie. The Pie is the same cost as the listed sides, but appears on the “dessert” menu

Yes, you can switch for QS. At the resort, we switched a drink for a dessert because we had resort mugs. However, it does not work for TS, at least in my experience.

You can switch a drink for a dessert but I don’t believe you can swap a side for a dessert.

It’s worth a try asking. The resorts especially seemed to be willing to switch out items.

Yes you can always ask. But they still might say no.

I have done this in the parks, but it was at cast member discretion. I was told it was not officially allowed but not actually forbidden so some CMs had no problem with it. Yep. Just ask.