QS and Snacks @ MK

So with CHH closer for now, where do I eat? Both travelers are pescatarian and we don’t want to do TS. I’m thinking it might be a snack on all the things day, but with mobile order, I’m not sure it will be as easy to graze as it has been in the past.


Mobile order is pretty limited at MK - if you go on the Disney app you can see what’s available for QS mobile order and their current menus.

Food very similar to CHH’s menu is now being served at Tomorrowland Terrace. You can get lobster rolls, fish, and shrimp there. They are currently open 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, and do mobile order.


Oh yay! Totally didn’t know that - thanks so much

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I’ll definitely take a look - but it sound like the little walk up spots are still running without mobile order? Just maybe the bigger QS locations rely on the mobile order.

I think this is weekends only

Yes, but Fridays are part of their “weekend hours.” I just looked on the app and they are open for mobile order.

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No, those hours are for today. Checking random weekdays in the next week or two, it’s open every day. Must be for the crowds.

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That would be fantastic!

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I had noticed the daily hours a week or two ago (or longer?), which is a welcome change from where it started.

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Indeed it is! I hope it sticks around.

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oh… the menu doesn’t reflect what you can actually order. I made that mistake this morning with Island Grill at GF. The menu is much longer w/ more choices than what I was actually able to get :frowning: In order to see what you CAN order you need to start a MO

Do you mean the published general menu or what’s actually an option when you place a mobile order? I’ve been starting mobile orders (but not finishing because I’m in Minnesota!) to see what’s available…is that not accurate?

I think you edited while I was asking my question. It’s crazy that the published menu and actual mobile order options don’t line up!!

If you start a MO you will see what you can order. If you just click on the menu at the QS site it has more unavailable offerings.

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This menu is different than what I could MO

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