Puzzled about the cost of adding a dining plan

I was playing around with the idea of doing a split stay and adding a dining plan (w/o tickets) to the second part of our trip. I selected two nights at AKL (3 adults) with the AP discount and went through to the next screen to add a dining plan. For each level of dining plan, the price per person/night was more than what I’ve found online (for example, the standard dining plan would be $91.93 per person per night; room only would cost $634.40, room with dining plan would be $1185.95). I went back and did the same thing (dates, number of people) with an All Stars Sports reservation, and the price per person would be $84.27 ($237.50 room only, $751.17 with DP). Why would the price be different for different resorts? What am I missing?

If you’re trying to add a dining plan to a room-only reservation, which it would be if not getting tickets, you have to call to do that.

What you end up with is a “ticketless package”. You cannot do that yourself online. So I think the the price differences you’re seeing is because it’s converting it to a full package with tickets.

You should be able to do it online with an AP. I think it may be increasing the overall tax.

Thank you for the replies! Nickysyme, I am looking for an AP reservation, which doesn’t require tickets to be added. PrincipalTinker is right, the total for room+DP includes tax (and changes cancellation terms to 30 days, with full payment due then). The total for room only is pre-tax, then tax is added during check out (with 5 day cancellation and no advance payment (other than a deposit) required). I hadn’t realized the difference before because of the way it’s listed on the Disney site (both as “order subtotal”). The cost for the standard dining plan, by my calculations, would be $78.70/person/day. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!


Also a factor is that some resorts are in different counties even though its all disney property, so the tax in Osceola county is different than Orange County.

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