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Is it possible to get push notifications if someone sends you a pm or replies to your post?

You can receive an email that tells you that you receive a pm or that someone reply to your post if you've been inactive on the forum. To do that you click on your profil picture than preference. After that scroll down and you can see that it got some boxes allready check up. You can then decide how often you want to receive the notification. Hope it helps.

@MasterSorcerer I saw that,but I never received an email from the PM's I have received . Also, I feel that it would help if we could get push notifications. Maybe it can be added down the road.

I see what you mean, and totally agree with you. It seem that if you are active on the forum it won't send you a email, or maybe it only send an email once a day or something. It would be great to have a instant email to tell you that you receive a PM.

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Thats exactly what happens. There's a note in the email section that says "We'll only email you if we haven't seen you recently and you haven't already seen the thing we're emailing you about."

You can override this by checking the box that says "Receive email notifications and email digests even if you are active on the forum"

Awesome Thank you smile

Yes, but I don't want to have to check my e-mail if someone pm'd me or posted on my thread. I wish it could just push.

On my phone I get an instant notification when I recieve an email. Perhaps go to your settings in your email and do it from there.

I don't really see how it could do a push, as this is not an app. It's just a website. Then again, I have no experience with mobile phone coding, so maybe there is a way. I'd love for some mobile developers to comment on the possibility, even if not the probability.

The forum itself is a ruby on rails app backend with a javascript frontend. There are a few ruby gems that do allow a normal web app like this one to send push notifications, but the forum software is 3rd party, so we'd have to talk to the developers at Discourse.

The software is open source, so in the future we could always fork it and start using our own version of it, adding features like push notifications without having to wait for the original developers to add it, but for right now we're going to stick with the original version.

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@daybreaker thanks for the response.