Purses, small backpacks on rides

We have been to WDW several times but never with a child who actually wanted to ride roller coasters-until this summer. We will be there in a few weeks, and it just dawned on me that I’m not sure what to do with whichever bag I bring into the park that day concerning roller coasters. Not doing SM, RNR, or EE, but we are doing SDD, BTMR, and 7DMT. Are purses allowed on those?

Yep! My advice… put your leg through the strap.


You can bring bags on all the rides. Oh not FOP I guess, I haven’t been on it yet.

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Yep. I rode with my little fanny pack no problem. I know 7DMT has a little space to tuck small bags, ears, etc. RNR has this too so pretty sure EE and BTMRR has it but can’t officially remember

On FOP there are shelves at the back of the room where they make you put your stuff.


Yes, those all have small nets in front of the rider.

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That’s what I thought.

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We went on FOP last year, so I know I can store the bag for that ride. Guess for the others I’ll make sure it’s in the middle with a leg through the strap…

On RnRC there is also a place where you can leave your stuff if you don’t wanna risk bringing it with you. FYI, I lost my cell phone on RnRC last year so make sure it’s secure !!!

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Where is that? Didn’t know it existed since you don’t start and end in the same place.

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I was carrying a giant backpack and the only ride I even had a bit of trouble on was Space Mountain. There was still room for it, but I had trouble maneuvering myself into the right position at first with the bag in the way.

Not sure, it’s my wife who told me about it after I lost my phone. Said she saw it before we sat down, but you do have a pretty good point LOL. I’ll ask her about it tonight, might actually be non-existent… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:woozy_face: Not FOP - ruh roh

@darkmite2 that’s exactly what I do with my backpack.

How big is your bag? I don’t think you’ll have a problem on any of those. I just close my purse zipper and put the strap around my leg. If there’s room on the floor, put it there, as well.

The only times I’ve had trouble with anything was 1, HM where my water bottle fell out on the last turn before the exit (they wouldn’t stop the ride for it) and 2, where I nearly lost my camera on SpaceM. I had it in a case around my neck, but one of the bumps was so intense, the strap actually left my neck. Good thing I had longer hair, which stopped it from coming off entirely. I always put my camera away now. No point in trusting it.

DS16 sits on his phone on the rides. I’m not sure that’s good enough, but so far he hasn’t lost or forgotten it.

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FoP has lockers to leave your stuff in.

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You’ve got all my answers today @Nickysyme :slight_smile:

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