Purely hypothetical

We have no concrete plans except for the statement, “in a year or so.” I am seriously jonesing to plan another trip. If you could choose, would you go Nov 2019 or Jan/Feb 2020? All opinions, thoughts, suggestions welcome! Share away!

The elephant in the room is the opening of SWGE - and the fact we don’t know when it will be;”sometime” in Nov or Dec seems the most likely. If seeing it is important to you, Jan would be the better time. If you want to avoid the crowds it will bring, earlier in Nov would be the “safer” time.


A plus of Nov is that you get to see the Christmas decorations; they’ll be down by early Jan.

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Although, Christmas decorations were still up when we were there for marathon weekend (albeit in 2010)

The following argument may be very specific to me and my personality, but I would prefer to avoid going to WDW within a year or two of SWGE opening.

The reason is this. If I went to WDW when SWGE was open, I would have to visit it. And I would have to go on all the attractions. I’m a huge sufferer of FOMO.

But during the first year or two (or more!) of SWGE being open, I think it’s going to be a zoo. I think it will be miserable. It’ll be impossible to get FPPs for it. There’s not a chance in hell that I could afford to stay at the SW hotel — though I’m sure I’d find a credit card that would let me.

The opening of TSL played a huge role in my most recent trip. I became obsessed with wanting to see it and ride both new rides. Sure, it was fun, but in the grand scheme of things SDD is a very unexciting rollercoaster, and ASS is no better than a ride on a travelling fun fair.

No doubt the SW attractions will be substantially better. And I’m sure I’d love to ride them one day. But I think I’d have a much calmer, less stressful trip if I went before SWGE opens rather than “shortly” after it opens.

Also, as @bswan26 says, the Christmas decorations would be a big draw for me.


I’m with @profmatt. It’s going to be a madhouse after SWGE opens. I think someone would have to pay me money to set foot in HS for a long time after it opens.

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You do have to consider the possibility that it might close down after only a year or 2 to be replaced with something new. It might flop, and then if you don’t go right away you’ll miss it!

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