Purchasing TIW

Is there any reason to purchase the TIW card over the phone prior to your trip and have it mailed rather than getting it at guest relations when you get there? We are going to guest relations at Disney Springs on our arrival night anyway to activate our Florida Resident passes, so was thinking I would just pick it up then. It is good right away, right?

it’s my understanding that you cannot Pre-Order it. I had to do it in person at GS to get mine.

you can if you are a florida resident or passholder.

I’ve always done mine at GS in the park where I first plan to use it. It only takes about 5 min to do.

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I thought if you preordered it it becomes active right then and then in theory it could expire sooner?

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That was a question I had as well, but don’t have an answer for…

I question if it would make much of a difference. I purchased mine on April 17th and it expires May 31st 2017.