Purchasing tickets same day

What time do the on-site ticket booths open? If the park opens at 9, do I have to wait until 9 to purchase the tickets at the park, or does the ticket booth open at 8 or 8:30 and allow me to purchase a little before the gates actually open? Not sure if we are definitely going to hit Universal or not, so a little hesitant to purchase tickets beforehand, but also don’t want to be delayed getting into the park.

One thing you could do is buy tickets on-line the day before and pick the them up at the Will Call kiosks - they are open before the parks are and are quick and easy to use.

Ticket booths open at least 1 hour early but don’t use them. Order in advance online and use the the self service will call kiosks to retrieve your tickets with your credit card. You’ll save time and money!

What is the price difference between purchasing beforehand and at the park that morning?

Resurrecting an old thread to ask a question specifically about the will-call kiosks! I purchased my ticket thru ParkSavers, an authorized reseller. The instructions on the voucher I have printed say “Redeem this voucher at any Universal Orlando front gate ticket window to receive your 2-Park 1-Day Park-to-Park Ticket Value.” Does that mean I have to go to a person-staffed ticket booth and that I CAN’T use the will call kiosk?

yes you will need to go to a person staffed booth Will call are only linked to tickets bought via universal directly. If you are onsite there are manned ticket desks in each lobby that can swap the voucher for you.

Drat! Ok… we aren’t staying onsite, and we’re doing Universal the first day of our trip. I don’t see us having time to run over to Universal to pick up tickets the night before. I was planning for us to arrive at Universal 30 mins before the park opens. Do you foresee there being long ticket lines at 8:30 am on a Sunday in early May?

yes. it will be busy. If driving allow at least 30 mins from parking to getting to ticket kiosk also. Its a good 15+ minute walk from parking garage and you need to go through security at the hub ( bag check plus airport style metal detectors).

It’s really going to be that busy? That day is a crowd level 2/3 for US/IOA. How long of ticket lines should we expect? We aren’t driving. We’ll be taking Uber from Pop Century Resort, so I assume they’ll drop us off right at the hub.

They only open ticket kiosks in line with projected park numbers. Last Easter there were only manned 2 kiosks open before park opening. Walk from taxi drop off is about 10 mins plus security. Have never waited in line for tix so can’t help you with wait time but I did hear lots of complaints about waits. They really want guests to buy direct from them and to use will call.

Ohhh that does make sense. Well maybe we ought to send at least one person by to pick them all up the night before. Or just plan to arrive at 8 for a 9 am opening.