Purchasing Memory Maker

I was looking to purchase the Memory Maker. But, I am now over-thinking and I have confused myself. The advance purchase states “Activate your Memory Maker from January 4 through May 19…and download all photos captured through June 18”
Does this mean if I buy now, it will not be active on our June 2-9 trip?

You can purchase any time and you can download all photos for trips through June 18. It would be nice if you had multiple trips or sharing with other groups with trips different than your. You can use it for your trip in June.

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I just purchased yesterday for my trip end of May. The typical verbiage is that you can activate it any time as long as it’s 3 days after purchasing (if you want the advance purchase discount of $40). It will be valid for all photos taken within 30 days from date of activation.

“Activation” occurs when you first get a photo in one of the parks and there will be a button on the app saying that you want to activate Memory Maker. At that point the watermarks will be removed and you can download all your photos up to 45 days after they are taken.

So it looks like the verbiage you saw was a special promotion where if you were traveling earlier in the spring, you’d have more than 30 days of photos. But if you’re traveling after the promotion I take it you’d still get the regular 30 days but just not extra.

Thank you!!