Purchasing alcoholic beverages for in-room cocktails?

staying at POP, no rental car. Read somewhere that EP world showcase has a couple of stores… is that true? will they deliver to resort?

thanks. 14 days to our 25th anniversary trip !!

Not sure about the stores at EP, but I know Garden Grocer will deliver to the WDW resorts and has some alcohol on their website. Can order anytime before your trip and schedule a delivery time. If you are not at the resort at the time of delivery, bell services will keep your order until you return.
When staying at AoA across from POP, we could also purchase some wine and beer at the Food Court, I imagine POP is the same too :slight_smile:

There are a couple of stores in WS that sell bottles of wine. Maybe beer in Germany? There are rules about transporting it and I am sure someone will add that info.

I have never stayed in a Disney resort that did not sell alcohol somewhere in the resort. Beer and wine in the food courts is very expensive but bottles of rum and other alcohol are available behind the counter in resort stores.

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You can get liquor in the resort gift shops, reasonably priced.

Garden Grocer only delivers beer & wine coolers. Hard alcohol & bottles of wine are available at all resort gift shops. Norway sells Aquavit. Germany, France & Italy all sell bottles of wine. Pretty sure you just buy it and walk away.
You could take a taxi or Uber to an ABC liquor store off site.

Maybe it is that you cannot get it sent to your resort like other packages?

They might deliver to your room, but you’ll wait an extra day if I’m not mistaken.

I believe they won’t deliver any food item or alcoholic beverage to your resort.

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Garden grocer also delivers wine and (at least at pop) they’ll give you a non-fancy corkscrew in the gift shop.

Disney shops will not ship any food items to a room (not even a sealed bottle of spices). Bottles of wine are available in France and Italy; no liquor. I drive, so I always bring a bottle with me.

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Sorry to bump this old thread but I’m heading to Orlando in June for a work trip without a rental car and staying at the Wyndham Grand Orlando. How far is the closest ABC liquor store to Disney in general?

I wish I knew…maybe someone more local can advise… @MooreDisneyPlease?

I live in FL, but have never heard of an ABC Liquor store; maybe it’s a peninsula thing and not a panhandle thing. In FL, most of the major food store chains, as well as the Walmarts, have associated liquor stores attached. Beer and wine is available at virtually every gas station convenience store you drive past. I don’t know Orlando well enough to make specific recommendations.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits (abcfws.com) has many locations in the Orlando area. It looks like there are a couple very close to WDW, when you do their store locator.

I appreciate that, trying to figure out how much extra it may cost me to have my cab driver stop somewhere on the way to the hotel from the airport.

I’m in Ocala, about an hour north of Orlando. We have an ABC here. Not real familiar with Orlando yet. We were at BWI yesterday and they sell alcohol. You could walk over from EPCOT and make your purchases.