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Hi all. I was just trying to figure out the MagicBand process. When we purchase our park tickets, are there automatically bands sent? I think so, but they looked pretty basic. So if I wanted to purchase one from the Disney Store, how do I link it to my account so I can set it up for Fastpasses and all that kind of stuff? Thanks!

If you’re staying on site, the magic bands will be sent to you and your ticket media will already be linked to them. If you purchase a designed one, then there will be a serial number on the inside of the band that you can add to each family member’s profile in your MDE account, and then at your FPP window you can schedule your FP’s to each person.

Each person will then have the A) purchased MB and B) the resort MB available to them. As long as they’re both registered, the FP’s will be available and each person can choose whichever band they’d like on any day! (And they’ll all open your room door, too!)


Ooo thanks for this, I was wondering myself!

To be clear. Buying tickets does not get you a magic band. You get an rfid card.

Staying on property gets you a band.
Buying an annual pass gets you a band.
Buying one geta you a band.

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Right! Thank you. I should have been more clear. We are staying at a Disney resort and so I figured we would have the option of the bands versus the cards already. I just wasn’t certain about how it would work if I wanted to buy a new band at a completely different store.

DD and I are staying in August, so we’ll have bands from the resort. Plus I just ordered her an Alice in Wonderland and myself a Maleficent band because, well, they’re cool. Once they’re linked you can interchange them on your stays if you get others, as all of your ticket and reservation information is on the bands attached to your profile in MDE. So, you can match your clothes, or costume, or just not always wear the same color. :blush:

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I got the Alice Magicband too! This 41 year old can’t wait to show it to Alice when I meet her in November! (She is gonna get sick of me - I plan on stalking her at Epcot, MK and 1900 Park Fare breakfast! :heart_eyes:)

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We plan to ask she and the Mad Hatter to help us celebrate our Un-Birthdays this summer! I can’t wait!!

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That’s great! I found one that is the villains and has Malicifent, Ursula, and the Evil Queen that I really want. So I wanted to make sure that I would be able to connect it to our account.


The DIsney Store has a sale on select character Bands right now for 25% off. Code: MAGICBANDS25

(Not all MBs are on sale.)