Pull-down beds in Port Orleans Riverside?

Family of 4 going next summer. Hoping to stay at POR in a room w/ a pull-down bed. Teen DD & teen DS don’t want to sleep in same bed. Will Disney allow family of 4 to book one of these rooms, or are they reserved strictly for families of 5?

You can choose that room type if you’d like! I believe the alligator rooms specifically have two beds plus the pull down.

We are a family of four and we were given an Alligator Bayou room. All the rooms in that section have the Murphy bed, and it’s the larger area of Port Orleans. The Murphy bed is not very big though. Just FYI. If you put in a room request for AB instead of the mansions, you should have a very strong chance of getting what you request.

This might help. http://www.portorleans.org/room-locations.php

We had an AB room last time in 2012. I will warn you that I thought the pull down would be too small for kids older than 10. We are going back this year and staying ina CBR room with a pulldown with dds8 and 4 , and ds 1, and i am not confident the bed will be big enough, or comfortable enough, for my dd8.